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Budget Smart Logistics

Transport often falls into three categories. a) As soon as possible b) As safe as possible or c) As cheaply as possible? Not with us. At you always benefit from the most cost-effective prices, thanks to Budget Smart Logistics. Our approach focuses on three pillars: Volume Optimisation, Mileage Optimisation and Overhead Optimalisation. There’s no need to choose between affordability and reliability, choose both, choose a company that has 99.7% of shipments arriving on time, day in, day out.

Budget Smart Logistics

  • Optimal utility of load volumes
  • Reducing mileage
  • Minimising overheads

1. Volume optimalisation

Thanks to some innovative thinking, we can now make optimal use of the cargo hold in each of our trucks. We have developed a trailer that’s split into two levels and allows us to determine and separately adjust the height of the load floor. We can separate loads through lockable doors - creating completely separate compartments. And allowing us the freedom to travel with two types of load in one trailer, maximising the trailer’s capacity and volume.

2. Mileage-optimalisation

We specialise in routes through Benelux, the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We have a sophisticated network and knowledgeable, experienced local employees and privately owned cross docks and warehouses at each of our hubs. These hubs all conform to the same standards of ‘can do’ service as our HQ in Holland. Through branch specialisations (including multimedia), we can combine multi-drops and multi pick-ups from various clients to maximise efficiencies.

3. Overhead optimalisation

You could just use a part of our network and service or outsource your entire logistics requirements. adapts completely to your needs and offers you the most competitive rates. Whether you choose a part or total package, you’ll soon notice a difference in the bottom line, reducing man hours and your overheads. To further reduce your and our overheads we invest in e-logistics and information systems.

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