Taking the sustainable road forward

Sustainable attitude

We accepted the responsibility and embraced the challenge to provide better, greener and more sustainable methods of transport some time ago. You can’t ignore the environment, especially not when you regularly pass through some of Europe’s more spectacular landscapes. Our sustainable logistics policy complies with ISO 14001 - minimising CO2 emissions and actively purchasing ‘greener’ resources and materials.

A more sustainable fleet

A pledge for sustainability is an active, on-going responsibility. We’ve been investing in sustainable, more efficient trucks for over 15 years, long before they were the norm. Naturally every new truck we purchase meets the Euro 6 emissions standard. So we’re constantly reducing emissions year on year. 

Sustainable attitude

  • Euro 6 trucks
  • Optimising / Maximising Load Volume 
  • Sustainable Purchasing

Clever routes & Conscious choices

Reducing CO2 emissions is also about streamlining the entire network. Making it work as efficiently as possible with inspired ideas and measures like optimising trailer space, minimising distances and avoiding partially empty trucks. We always cross the Channel via the tunnel too, which is significantly faster and more environmentally friendly than crossing by ferry.

Sustainable purchasing

We even examine the oils, lubricants and truck maintenance materials utilised, ensuring they have minimal environmental cost. The required materials are sourced sustainably and we share these ambitions with our suppliers so we’re all working to a common goal.

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