Driven by passion

Driven employees

The moment you contact Verhoeven Logistics, you’ll notice a discernible difference. We’re dedicated to actively improving and enhancing our services by appraising new technologies and ways of working. And we actively encourage feedback from our clients and reflect on every experience. But the key difference is our people, whether they’re based in The Netherlands or at any one of our hubs across the continent. They’re all industry professionals who have worked across Europe for years. State of the art systems and trucks will only take you so far, it’s people that will make the difference. We don’t just share the task, we share the responsibility and commitment.  

As a ‘hands on’ logistics partner, you can expect real, honest cooperation, a genuine partnership with short lines of communication, 24 hour accessibility and simple ‘no nonsense’ language.

Driven employees

  • Over 100 years of passion for logistics
  • Open and honest cooperation
  • Your working (& sparring) partner

We’re confident that we can offer the best solution for you because we approach each task as a partner, not a supplier. We adapt to your way of thinking and working, not the other way around.

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