The greatest care gets greater every day

Innovation power

Once we’ve introduced a set of improvements, we appraise them to see if they could be even better. Continual innovation refines and improves our services across the board. It keeps ourselves and our clients one step ahead.  

State of mind

Innovation can come from anywhere, there are no hard and fast rules. We think beyond conventions and explore new options and developments. These aren’t just words, it’s a total philosophy that provides concrete results. Here are just two innovations introduced recently.

The power of innovation

  • A culture of innovation
  • Innovative technologies
  • Innovative transport networks

Technological innovation: The flexible double loading trailer.

How can we make full use a trailer’s available space, on every single journey ? A question that’s led directly to the introduction of a trailer that can be partitioned and compartmentalised to carry two types of loads. The double loader from has two separate levels and can adjusted to accommodate different volumes and capacities. It’s not just about splitting the space equally between two loads, 60/40 or 70/30 load splits are also possible. Heights and widths can be fully adjusted so that goods can be partitioned, separated and transported completely independently from one another.


Network innovation

Network innovation is also an ongoing process. We refine routes and adapt them based on external influences or according to the wishes of our customers. By actively adjusting our network we remain responsive and highly efficient. This requires a continuous, clear, unobstructed flow of information between every hub in the's network. The benefits of this include the avoidance of problematic routes, a reduction of unforeseen delays and greater overall efficiencies.

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