Robust regulated agent protection for your air freight.

Air Freight

With good reason, air freight rules become stricter every year. You want a regulated agent who knows how to handle them proactively, ensuring your chain is the strongest possible. With over 40 years of experience in high value transport, we guarantee maximum protection for your precious air cargo.

Watertight chain

Our Air Freight service offers optimal protection for your loads, with our transport meeting the highest standards due to the micromanagement and evaluation of even the smallest details. Employee training and awareness complete the circle of control and innovation, resulting in a watertight logistics chain. Customer audits prove: when it comes to secure and monitored transportation, is way ahead of the rest.

  • High frequency to all major mid-European airports
  • TAPA TSR fleet, FSR buildings
  • Customised scheduling

TAPA TSR/FSR equipment

Rest assured only authorised employees will have access to your cargo. Our experience carrying valuable loads that may be prone to theft while in transit means we’re not in the business of taking risks. TAPA TSR and FSR certification guarantees our equipment meets the highest security standards and your cargo remains safe at all times.

High frequency to all major mid-European airports

We have a daily presence at all major mid-European airports. Our frequency guarantees your load is on time – every day, at every airport within our network. And we’ll go above and beyond to get your cargo where it needs to be, including customising your flow with “safe to fly” clearance, if required.

Safest, most cost-effective option

At we manage, test and monitor all processes and individuals involved in the transportation chain. The efficient and smart combination of loads allows us to offer you the highest level of security at highly competitive rates.

Be sure!
Why risk it? Increase the security of your air freight by choosing a logistics partner you can trust.

  • A strong link in your supply chain.
  • Proven track record.
  • Competitive rates. Unbeatable quality.

Dedicated service

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