Less of a hurry? Then save some money.

Economy service

The reliability of Verhoeven.eu at the best possible price! The principle of our Economy services is simple, if you give us a little more time, we guarantee you the best deal. Always.

Reduce your freight rate.

If you wish to make your logistics as cost effective as possible, you will discover that there are plenty of opportunities with us. Benefit from the large volume of operations that we perform daily in Benelux, the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. If your schedule allows us a little more time to get your cargo to its destination, you will profit from greatly reduced freight rates.

Economy service

  • Always the best value & most cost effective solution
  • Make significant savings on your transport
  • The only difference is the speed - same quality and reliability

Same quality, slightly less speed

Our Economy service offers the same advantages as every other option. We only compromise on timing, nothing else. Your goods are transported by the same professional drivers and state-of-the-art trucks. Our Economy package also guarantees the same unrivaled stats: 99.7% delivered on time and 99.8% arrives as it left.

Maximum flexibility

A pro-active transport partner, who thinks with you.
If you have consignments that require regular transportation to the same location and are flexible with timing, we can create a schedule that works within our existing planning. This saves us time which is why we can offer our ‘economy rate’. Perhaps only part of the shipment can be prepared in advance and the rest needs to be collected at the very last moment, we can still offer a special rate and coordinate collections accordingly. Verhoeven.eu will always try and accommodate your requirements and offer the sharpest discounts wherever possible.

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