Empowering and enhancing your supply chain


If you’re looking to outsource your logistics capacity, how about a partner with over 90 years of experience? A partner with a large privately owned fleet, cross-docks and warehouses in Western and Eastern Europe? A partner called Verhoeven.eu. One-stop shopping takes care of everything for you, no more headaches, problems or fuss, enjoy smooth, seamless, cost-effective and above all, reliable transport.

Full control

Outsourcing your entire logistics capacity is a big step - one we understand all too well. We always adapt to your requirements and ‘ways of working’. In Verhoeven.eu you have a transport partner that’s been crossing the continent for 90 years. We have our own drivers, more than 200 privately owned units, a network of storage facilities and local representation in all our key countries.


  • One partner for your total logistics
  • Eliminate the costly overhead of your own transport 
  • Optimise and greatly reduce your logistics costs

Strategic destination specialists

We are the destination specialist in the Benelux, UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. For other destinations, we work closely with trusted strategic partners, so we can provide a total solution for all your logistical challenges. In addition, we provide you with strategic advice throughout your entire supply chain, helping to increase efficiencies and reduce costs substantially.

One stop shop can make costs drop

One-stop-shopping negates the need for your own dedicated transport, instead you’ll benefit from a dedicated Account Manager at Verhoeven.eu. Saving you huge overhead costs - but that’s just the beginning. We analyse and optimise everything, your routes, your schedules and your planning. Can we make it faster, smarter and more efficient? Capitalise on the strength of our network including multiple pick-up locations, last-minute collections, returns, small loads and large volumes. We’ll always do our best to accommodate last minute pick-ups and deliveries.


Carrying your goods & building your brand

We can arrange everything for you, right down to the appropriate packaging of pallets. Do you need temporary storage? Our warehouses can be adapted to become your regional warehouses during times of peak overflow. If desired, we can offer you a trailer ‘on-site’ that you can load gradually throughout the day. We take it away when full, and put an empty trailer in its place if required. That’s a way we can tailor our logistics to work with your supply chain. We can even provide trucks emblazoned with your logo and corporate identity, so they continue to build your brand across Europe.

Take the step

Have you already outsourced your logistics and want to investigate whether it can be cheaper and more reliable? We offer your shipments maximum safety, security and at least 10% cost savings! Feel free to contact us or to make an appointment.

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