There’s only one choice for multi-media

Multimedia transport

Nobody understands multimedia transportation better than We’re the market leader in Benelux and the UK with over 35 years experience transporting valuable cargo like CDs, DVDs and Game discs. With the largest TAPA-certified fleet and its own network in eight countries in Western and Eastern Europe, we offer you the highest levels of security at the most competitive prices.

Transportation of valuable hardware such as computers, consoles and audio-visual equipment is another separate specialism, read more about highly secured transportation.

Multimedia Transport

  • TAPA-certified transport of multi media carriers like Dvd's and Game Discs.
  • Daily runs to Benelux, UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • Reliable: 99.7% shipments arrive on time and 99.8% shipments arrive as they left.

TAPA Certified.

If you’re looking for the most trusted, reliable and secure logistics partner, look no further than Our trucks and buildings are TAPA certified or FSR-compliant. They meet and often exceed the most stringent requirements of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA).

Water tight chain

In recent years, we have invested extensively in our fleet, buildings and staff to maintain optimal performance - it’s an ongoing process. The result is an extremely efficient logistics chain. For example, we always drive our international services with two drivers, eliminating downtime or time with trucks stood still. And we can offer you highly efficient shipments with 24/7 on road monitoring as well the ‘straightest line’ from loading to delivery. Learn more about our control and monitoring systems.

Maximum efficiency

Naturally we aim to provide transport solutions as efficiently and competitively as possible, refining and improving our service where we can. Our market leadership in combination with a strong chain of specialisation enables us to provide multiple pickups and multiple drop offs.

We serve the entire chain and combine all streams, from raw materials and semi-finished products to finished products. For example, we facilitate packaging and printing by bringing a CD cover and a booklet together in one coordinated shipment. This saves time, increases efficiencies and reduces the need for security.

Full control

Thanks to many years of operation, we’re all too familiar with the problems and pitfalls of valuable shipments and the issues of theft. As well as state of the art control and monitoring systems, we exercise full control across the entire network, from start to finish. We only work with our own trusted representation at every destinations, people take care of the loads locally at all destinations.


World Players trust us

Our client’s trust is our most valued commodity which is why we go far further with matters of security, leaving nothing to chance. As a result, some of the world’s leading brands and household logistics names regularly utilise our transport services. They trust us to deliver on time every time - so you can too.

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