Returning cargo with the same care as we got it there


Unfortunately things don’t always go according to plan, which is when you’ll really discover the difference. Should your shipment be fully or partially returned, then we’re ready to solve those problems on the spot. We’ll bring your goods back or store them temporarily in one of our cross-docks. By actively thinking and working with you, we can minimize unforeseen logistical problems and reduce costs as much as possible.

Goods return? Never a problem

With an unexpected problem is never a problem for long. Because of our size and the sheer volume of shipments we handle across Europe, we can always help out. If returns need to be collected and it can’t happen instantly, then we can always organise another truck at a more suitable time for all parties concerned.


  • Returns and temporary storage in Benelux, the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • Always a solution for unforeseen situations
  • Minimum costs

Temporary storage

Often a key part of contingency planning is the availability of temporary storage. Do you need to collect multiple returns? Do you require temporary storage and the ability to deliver later than originally planned? Do you need to organise repair or disposal of the goods? Our cross-docking facilities are all at strategically advantageous positions across Europe.'s advanced warehouse management system offers instant transparency regarding the location of your goods, 24/7.


The power of local presence

In the case of returns, your goods are never far away from one of our own storage facilities. We have convenient locations across Benelux, the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And we always work with our own people who can assess the situation and resolve quickly, efficiently and to everyone’s satisfaction. No remote troubleshooting, unanswered phones or ‘hard to reach’ personnel - just practical and efficient local solutions.

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