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Smart network

Verhoeven.eu's network is one of the smartest in Benelux, the UK, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. And we appraise it monthly, so there really isn’t a faster solution thanks to our own strategically positioned cross-docks and perfectly matched inbound and outbound connections. With innovations like flexible dual stock trailers and the possibility of partitioning we can always optimise the capacity of our trucks. 

Operating excellence

How do we ensure that your cargo is transported through our network as quickly as possible?

  • Double manned trucks: we always use two alternating drivers.
  • Own cross-docks: we’ve established logistics centres and cross docks in each one of our key countries, maintaining complete control of every shipment.
  • Optimal Locations: the distances between our logistics centres have been calculated to negate the need for breaks during transportation.
  • Seamless connection of inbound & outbound freight: Inbound and Outbound trips are extremely well matched up. Deliveries and Departures are planned to intersect perfectly at our docking facilities.
  • High frequency: with over 200 privately owned trucks, we have an intensive daily schedule across all the routes within our network.

Smart network

  • Operating excellence
  • Volume excellence
  • Volledige regie door eigen materieel en lokale mensen 

Volume excellence

In addition to maximising the movement and flow of our freight, we appraise ways to increase our overall efficiency. It’s part of our overall commitment to keep costs as low as possible. We call this ‘smart budget logistics’. To ensure our trucks are always optimally deployed we’ve developed a number of ‘in-house innovations’.

  • Flexible double loader: A two level trailer in which we can determine the height of the load floor per meter separately.
  • Flexible partitioning: using lockable doors within our trailers we can create compartments to separate two types of load from one another, for example, special and standard loads. This dual ability enables us to combine loads within just one truck and maximise the utility from one shipment, minimising wasted space and additional transport. We can even organise dual charger partitioning.
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