Sharing information increases knowledge

Information sharing

Today's logistics are all about flow because the flow of goods is improved by the flow of accurate, relevant information. Using state of the art technology we’re continually increasing efficiencies and can micro monitor every one of our shipments. Insights gained through electronic order entry and EDI’s can be exchanged with clients and partners in the form of comprehensive customer reports.

Electronic order entry and EDI continually invests in e-logistics to improve and refine our processes. Using an electronic order entry you can add your order into our system. Our applications go that bit further with EDI, enabling your systems and our systems to autonomously communicate with each other. Saving man hours and eliminating human error. If you want to know more about the possibilities of EDI, please contact us for more information and a look at how we can make EDI work for you and your business.

Information sharing

  • Electronic order entry
  • EDI
  • Management reports

Customer reports

The data that we gather is often invaluable. We’re completely open and transparent with detailed overviews and customer reports. We can also manage the information and tailor the reports per client. For example, you specify what you need to know and when you need to know it and we’ll provide it to you, periodically or as a one-off.

Continuous information analysis

All information in our ERP, TMS and WMS systems is linked together and continually analysed. It’s from this basis that we can improve our services to maintain and strengthen our class leading position.

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