Taking control is in our system

Control systems

Verhoeven.eu transport meets and exceeds the highest standards because we micro manage and evaluate even the smallest details. Our control systems are created specifically for this purpose. These checks and balances are perfectly integrated into our Transportation Management System (TMS) and 24/7 monitoring of trucks, buildings, trailers and loads.


Verhoeven.eu is an active member of TAPA, the global association that’s primarily concerned with eliminating theft and loss from the transport chain. All of our vehicles meet the strictest TSR-certification and our buildings are either FSR-certified or FSR-compliant. We guarantee that all our processes are security focused whether they’re designed to prevent theft or to ensure our employees and Verhoeven.eu facilities meet TAPA’s exacting standards.



Read more about these strict safety standards on TAPA’s own site.

Control systems

  • Employees & Resources carry TAPA certification
  • 24/7 monitoring and control
  • Total transport management system

Advanced TMS

All the latest information is collated within our Transport Management System. The TMS features a ‘virtual agent’ continuously checking whether the journeys and handling comply with TAPA security guidelines and the wishes of our clients. Any faults are highlighted and corrected in advance. The system automatically generates a "no go" if something isn’t right, only releasing consignments when everything has been repeatedly checked and approved.

Controlled routes and 24/7 monitoring

Every journey is pre-set by the TMS and drivers may only follow approved, safe and efficient routes. This is also actively monitored during the physical transport of goods. We provide 24/7 monitoring of trucks, trailers and cargo. Our warehouses, cross docks and all other facilities are continuously monitored from the Verhoeven.eu HQ in Uden.

Continuous transport

The most vulnerable cargo is stationary freight which is another reason why we travel with two drivers. The truck stays on the road almost continuously and we rigorously check and recheck loads all security measures en-route, specifically to minimise any risk. 

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